"Life with Woody" 10 inspirational quotes that can make you better

 "Life with Woody" 10 inspirational quotes that can make you better 

When a busy day's work feels warm after relaxing, you need to drink a little coffee, beer or  other liquor There may be. Yes, yes, I'm guilty too. Unless you die after putting a lampshade on your head and spinning vodka several times ... half-naked! This is a  bad example. After having a nightmare about me in this drunken sleep, I apologize to anyone reading this. 

 Don't ask why it happened. 

 But what is really interesting is  how  people experience part of their daily lives when faced with bleeding stress. So new age things like Zen and Yoga are one of the good things and they actually work. Is there room for the intellectual side of people who can actually smell can roses on the go? I thought I really needed something about this mind over matter. 

 Humor is always the best medicine. This means that anyone can pay a fair amount of money to listen to a comedian just to get their pants wet  after laughing. Despite everything that has happened, and for those who have experienced trials, simply laughing while facing problems with a clear mind is better than getting angry with a cloudy vision. One of my favorite stars must be Woody Allen. Well, this is the guy who gives you the dull candidness he courageously pulls out  without even trying. You can talk to a guy almost anything, and he ridicules the topic, and you'll laugh instead of being angry about it. 

 Woody Allen said: 

 1. "Money is better than poverty just for financial reasons." That sounds good to me. So the utility of everything includes money, but you don't need arms and legs to get it. 

2. "I think something is  watching over us. Unfortunately it's the government."'Nuff said. 

3. "Life can be worse  than death. Have you  spent the night with an insurance salesman? This happens to be one of the classics. So the subject of a small problem in life is not so bad until "he" comes. 

 Certainly, relationships can be complicated. Or with its complications, probably all writers in the relationship will soon discover. We follow what our heart wants, like the heart that pumps blood throughout your body, unless you are talking about the heart.

4. "Love is the answer, but while you wait for the answer, sex raises some very interesting questions." And if you want more, just keep  asking! 

5. "I will briefly explain about oral contraceptives. I asked the girl to sleep with me, she said" no. " 

 And when it comes to everyday life, he really knows how to get the most out of all possible scenarios, and there are no proceedings when he hits chords. 

 6. "Basically, my wife was immature. I was at home in the bath and she came in and sank my boat." I never had a boat in the tub .. You can get seasick just by soaking in hot water and staring at it. 

 7 "I'm not afraid of death. I just don't want to be there when death happens." Bad things overlap. 

 8. "I am grateful for the laughter, except when the milk comes out of my nose." Drinking beer or mouthwash can make things worse. 

 9. "If you want to make God laugh, tell God about your plan." At least he hasn't hit us with lightning, and I'm grateful for it. 

 And no matter what can happen to us all  in the next 10, 20, or even 30 years,  we all need to see things from different perspectives, not just from different perspectives. I think there is. I can't  imagine a life without the wisdom that guides us. Whether we are religious or not, we need more courage to accept your fears and learn how to deal with them. 

 In summary, this is the last  wisdom  we can detour ... but anytime, anywhere. 

 10. "The talent for happiness is not what you don't have, but what you have and appreciate." 


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